World ending/zombie attack/mass destructive/San Andres type

Often after hubby and I watch a world ending/zombie attack/mass destructive/San Andres type movie the following discussion will happen.

Me: So with all this destruction/zombies/chaos Walgreens will probably be closed.

Hubby: Probably

Me: If this all happens around the time you need your prescription, you’re pretty much screwed, dude.

Hubby: Pretty much.

Me: If society was down for a while we would have to get shot guns and storm pharmacies across the country to make sure you stay alive.

Hubby: Yup.

See hubby has this disease that is common in women over 80 year old. Yes, ever since he first was diagnosed with it the family has teased him about having an “old lady’s disease”. When he first came down with it in his early thirties it was hard to diagnose, because there have only been 10 reports of men his age having their parathyroid stop working entirely. Your parathyroid regulates calcium in your body.

Todd has what’s called –hypothyroidism. Which means in order for Todd to stay alive he has to take prescription vitamin D twice a day and calcium pills. It’s the only he can get the calcium his body needs. Beside the prescription there is no other way he can get that level of vitamin D, no natural way of getting it. And without those pills Todd’s calcium levels will drop. His levels will eventually get so low that he has a seizure and after the seizure, he can have a massive heart attack and then drop over dead.

So if the world is ever thrown into chaos we’ll have to go raid all the Walgreens to stock up on those prescription vitamin D pills to keep hubby alive! 😉

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