Cooking is now a hobby

Three years ago I wasn’t much of a cook. I honestly could make only scrambled eggs and French toast. I had to call people to ask how long to boil and egg. LOL But when I got sick with chronic fatigue one of the things they want you to do is stop eating any preservatives. You need to eat only whole foods that are cooked from scratch. So I had to teach myself to cook. I started with easy things. Watching cooking shows. Reading cook books. Watching cooking youtube videos. And then as I learned to cook I realized I really enjoyed it! It become a hobby.

I got bored with cooking the basic stuff and branched out to more exotic recipes. French dishes, Cuban stew, gypsy soup. wink emoticon The one limitation I had is no recipe could take longer than 20 to 30 minutes to make. That was the amount of energy I had before the fatigue would get so bad I had to go lay down.

At first I was too tired to stand so hubby got me a chair I could put right up to the counter and I would happily sit and chop up vegetables. I would stir and cook from the chair, standing for only 5 minutes at a time and then resting again. but as I got better I could stand for 10 minutes and now I can stand for 20 minutes straight

Eventually I moved onto baking. I learned how to make pie crust from scratch and tarts and cream puffs. Then later I moved onto making jams and relishes.

When you are stuck at home sick and you have limited energy during the day it’s kind of cool to accomplish something. And some days the only thing I could do was make a nice dinner. So you will see me posting recipes probably quite a lot. I tested a few hundred recipes over the last three years. My family – hubby, mom and dad (they live with us) give each recipe a rating. If the recipe doesn’t get 8 out of ten from all three of them it gets thrown away. If it makes an 8 or higher it gets put into the recipe folders. I have four or five folders now full of recipes.

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