September Tarot Card Reading

Every month I’m going to do a tarot card reading for one of my fans. Each month I’ll pick a random person from people that let me know they would like to be included. Want to be on the list for next month? Just shout out in the comments – I want one!  or email me at


Here we ….
Disclaimer: I’m not a professional Tarot card reader. So please don’t quit your job, move out of state or leave a relationship based on things I tell you in my reading. And if you are a professional tarot card reader feel free to jump in and give your own interpretation of the reading.

Today’s victim (hehehe), I mean reader, asked to remain anonymous. So let’s call her Jane Doe.

She told me some stuff about herself and based on what she told me I picked the card that would represent her during the reading.



The Queen of Swords






Now she asked me about Relationship/Work/ Money. I could only choose one question to ask, so I choose – Relationship.

Now let’s get this reading going. I closed my eyes, I thought of her, I said a little prayer to keep the reading helpful. And then I thought of her question and I shuffled the deck. When I was done I put the deck on the table and then I cut it into three parts. And then I stacked the parts left to right.









Then I pulled out the cards and I did the layout. Here’s what came up:











Let’s start to read the cards. The main card that covered her is not a good one. Oh oh! This card represents the current situation. The Three of Swords means heartache. Possible betrayal. It’s not a good card to get when you are doing a reading about love. So I have to think that up until now Jane Doe has not had the greatest luck in the love department.









Let’s see — the next card that crosses that one. The card that crosses represents the challenge of the situation. What will help or hinder you. It’s the Moon. It’s the time of darkness before understanding. It’s a card that is full of emotion. A reminder to connect to our core, to our true self, but to remember that our feelings shape the way we view every situation. In this instance it looks like she is reconnecting with her subconscious. Her mind is filled with ideas and she is connecting with a lot of people right now.


Now let’s look at the card below it. This card represents things that have happened in the past that have created where you are now. Her card is the Knight of Pentacles. He is ambitious, hardworking, but lacks in creativity. Make me wonder if her past boyfriends have been the hard-working, powerful types. Not too fun loving. Hmm…
We go to the card on the left of the stack. It’s what is just passing now. Ooh this card is a major arcana. These cards represent the forces of the universe. This card reversed means bad luck. It tells you to be patience as you wait for the wheel to turn upright and your luck to change. So I’m thinking her dating life right now is not so great. Hopefully I’m wrong. But if not she shouldn’t worry because the bad luck won’t last.

Now to the card that is above all the others. This card influences what’s coming up in your future. We are dealing here with the Knight of Rods. Here’s the one you have been waiting for! He is friendly, intelligent, a man whose ideas and drive will lead him to success one day. He is probably younger. But if he is older he has boyish characteristics. So keep your eye out for him!

And that brings us to the card to the right. The future. It’s the Knight of Cups. It’s upside down and that means that you go through life thinking people can’t truly understand or accept you. That you can’t fully express your feelings. Not a good way to go through life Jane Doe! I’m thinking you give yourself a much harder time than you need to.




That brings us to the four cards stacked to the side.
The first one on the bottom represents you and what you bring to the situation. Reversed it means that this person has a hard time expressing their feelings. And they can be moody. Who can blame you Jane Doe for being moody especially since you don’t feel like people truly understand you or your feelings.

The next card shows other people and the influence they bring to the situation we are talking about—Jane Does love life. The cards are saying you may be pretending all is all right to keep the peace, but your emotions need to be let out so you can finally allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling and relief the pressure that’s built up.

What’s next? The card that represents your hopes and fears. The fool tells you to get out all those foolish hopes you kept inside and dust them off and bring them out. Have optimism and courage. Take a jump into the unknown. New and exciting things are going to be happening.

And the very last card in the layout is the outcome. HOW IS IT ALL GOING TO WORK OUT! Queen of Cups. She is someone who loves deeply. But she has a tendency to put her partner first. And she often puts her concern for other’s before herself. So I guess this is a reminder to make sure you don’t forget about yourself.

There you go. Now no tarot reading would not be complete without getting some kind of prediction. Here is mine: You have been looking for love in all the wrong places. The kind of guys you have been attracted to are hard-working, but boring. And you always put them first in the relationship. They don’t understand you and you don’t feel like you can really be yourself around them. So throw out that list you have in your head of what you think is your perfect soulmate.

I think you have met the man of your dreams. I think he is someone in your social or work circle. He is someone you have disregarded because he is not YOUR TYPE. I think you need to open your heart, head and mind to new possibilities. Give someone not your type a chance. And try to make sure that you work hard at expressing what you want and need in a relationship.

There you have it –my first Fan Tarot reading.

How did I do? Let’s ask Jane Doe:

She said I got a lot of things right and maybe I shouldn’t just read tarot for entertainment. Should I post a sign outside my house —》TAROT CARD READINGS. Hehe I’ve been told that many years ago there was a woman in town who read tarot cards for a living. Many of the town folks went to her to learn about their future. They say that she was very accurate in her predictions.

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  1. Tia says:

    I want ONE! I do tarot myself for others…but I’d like someone else to do one for me. I don’t like to pull my own cards.

  2. Hi I was wondering if it was possible for me to get a tarot reading.. Please and thank you.

  3. FreedomToTheReaders says:


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