My niece is in college (Yes I’m that old) and once a month my mom and I get together and send her something. A big box of Chinese fortune cookies, a big thing of pretzels. Something different every month. Usually for October we send her a package of Halloween candy. But this year I thought it would be fun to find a local bakery and see if I could buy her a dozen cupcakes. Then have her go and pick them up. But when I called the bakery they said a new law has been passed that you can only pay for orders in person. I guess there is so much credit card fraud they are trying to find way to keep it from happening.

I didn’t want to just send her money. I wanted to try and do something fun. So I’m going to send her four envelopes each with a Clue inside it. Here are the envelopes I just got done stuffing with the clues I’ve made up.

envelopesIf you notice the fancy writing on the front–That’s my mom’s handwriting. My handwriting is terrible. Seriously awful. ;p

The first envelope will have her drive to a location. The second will tell her the name and suite number of the shop. The third one she will open when inside the shop and will announce that she should buy herself a bunch of cupcakes, or cookies or whatever she wants. Now there are seriously crazy cool looking cupcakes at this place. Then when she rips open the fourth envelope she will see how much mula she has to spend and she can order away.

Hopefully she will be entertained by the whole thing and she will walk away with some yummy cupcakes.

Here are some pics of cupcakes the place makes.


cupcake2Don’t they look yum!

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