Let’s talk ghosts!

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Let’s talk ghosts! You know I love all things ghostie!

No surprise Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

As a kid I read every ghost story I could get my hands on.  Anytime I visit a new place I hunt down any local folklore and ghost stories.

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Years ago I made up a little online ghost story to entertain my nieces. For it I created some ghost stories of my own to be part of the story. I made them sound like they were real local ghost stories. The funny thing is over the years I’ve had people ask me if they could use the stories in their high school papers.haunted


They thought my ghost stories were real! I had to explain I’d made them up. Hehehe


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Have I ever seen a ghost? I used to live in a haunted house where some really spooky things would happen. Late at night in the bathroom I would hear flute music. There were times when I woke up in my bedroom all alone and I would hear someone clear their throat or cough. Sometimes when I was falling asleep I would hear voices talking just softly enough I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Often my dogs would both turn and look at something in the corner of the room and then their eyes would follow this invisible thing as it moved across the room.

animated-ghost-image-0095I’ve seen shadows in the corner, I’ve heard voices when no one else was in the room, I’ve watched doors swing wide open on their own, but I’ve never actually seen an actual full bodied spirit. Man that would be so cool! And so terrifying!

Even though I’ve never actually seen a ghost I keep hoping it will happen. Which means I love to stalk ghosts. This time of year I always go check out the online ghost cams. I like to watch the ghost cams during the witching hour to see if I can catch anything spooky happening.

Vintage Halloween GIFs (9)Here are some of my favorite Ghost Cams:

I love the idea of a haunted library. There have been times I’ve been in an old library, deep in some isolated stacks, and I’ve gotten the feeling that I was not alone. http://www.willardghost.com/index.php?content=ghostcams

Paris Catacombs- I’ve never been in spooky catacombs, but man I would love to visit them one day. I’m the daughter of a geologist and I did spend many summers out in desert in the middle of nowhere. And while out there with my father I’ve gone into some abandoned mine shafts. It’s what gave me the idea to set book 3 Revenant in an old mining ghost town. http://chriskta.chez.com/webcam.htm

Old buildings and houses are often places where I’ve felt the most creeped out. This ghost cam is covering an old hall – http://www.salfordcommunityleisure.co.uk/culture/ordsall-hall/ghostcam

Here’s one that is set up in an old hotel –http://www.knickerbockerlinesville.com/cam/cam.html

ghostgrave2I also like to scope out photos where ghost pop up. Here is a page that has a galley full of them  – http://paranormal.about.com/od/ghostphotos/ig/Gallery-of-Classic-Ghosts/Ghosts-of-the-S-S–Watertown.htm#step-heading


I thought it would be fun to give away a ghost hunting kit. That way you can stalk some ghosts on your own. There is still time to enter the contest.



Have you had any encounters with spirits? Any favorite online ghost stories you want to share? Shout them out!

And here is a page full of more spooky things you might find entertaining.



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