Review of After by Anna Todd


There was a lot of hype surrounding the Wattpad sensation After by Anna Todd. It got 1 Billion reads on Wattpad. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. It’s a 600 page contemporary new adult book. I’m not a big contemporary romance reader, and I’ve certainly never read a contemporary romance that was longer than 300 pages. What was I getting myself into? I forged ahead and surprisingly I found the book to be quite entertaining. Would I want to date the main character, Hardin? Hell no. He is moody, jealous, and often angry. At 49-years-old, the reasonable adult within me often screamed at the heroine to run for the hills. But this is a new adult aimed at the 17-21 set and looking back to when I was in high school and college I had plenty of friends in dysfunctional relationships with their own versions of Hardin.

This Hardin is an amped up broken, defensive hero. But then again that’s what we like in our romance– the billionaire, the alpha werewolf, the moody vampire. The unrealistic, over the top, romantic hero. A hero who is often flawed and in need of saving.

After by Anna Todd is an easy read. This is one of those guilty pleasure books. Something you probably don’t want to admit to your friends you are reading if you are my age. It has drama, it has sex, and it has more drama. It’s easy to see why the teenagers love it.

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