Broken Lullaby

Broken Lullaby – The Dark Contemp we are working on.
The story started as an after fanfic, but has taken on a life of its own! Come check out the drama, the heartache, the romance. Can true love really conquer all things?
We have 58,000 words done so far and we are trying to add a new chapter ever week!

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No sparkly vampires or hairy werewolves

FREE on ITunes for a limited time: AWAKENING, Book 1 and POSSESSION, Book 2 of The Dark Ritual series. YA Paranormal/Horror. No sparkly vampires or hairy werewolves. Come learn the Death Arts. Fill your summer nights with dark magic, banshees, and demons.

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The Dark Rituals on sale right now!

On Amazon right now you can get Awakening and Possession free. And Revenant is on sale for just $2.99 and Legion is only $3.99. That’s $7 bucks for all four books! If you haven’t been able to get a copy grab then now while the first 2 are free and 3 and 4 are on sale!
click here to Get the books
Over and out and off to make pancakes and a lot of coffee,

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Cat’s Thai spicy peanut noodles

Okay took the Thai spicy peanut noodles to a new level of awesome. We like spicy so use half the chili sauce if you like more mild.

Cat’s Thai spicy peanut noodles
Chicken and cilantro wantons from Cosco
Spaghetti ( I used gluten free)
Pkg or jar of roasted peanuts
Green onions
Four oranges
Fry up a dozen wantons until browned on both sides

Chop up four green onions including green stem

Peel and cut up small pieces of orange

Put aside two handfuls of roasted peanuts.

Cool spaghetti according to package

Mix up dressing below
* 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
* 2 teaspoons rooster garlic chile sauce
* 2 tablespoons sugar
* 1/4 cup rice vinegar
* 3 tablespoons soy sauce
* 2 tablespoons sesame oil
Drain noodles. Pour on peanut sauce. Toss. Add in cooked wantons and gentle toss.

Serve in a bowl and top with orange pieces, green onion and roasted peanuts.

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FREE on Amazon: Awakening & Possession

FREE on Amazon: Awakening & Possession.
Don’t miss out on this 4 book YA Paranormal/Horror Mashup Series. Full of Magic, romance, dark wizards, banshees, & zombies.

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Awakening & Possession are Free on Amazon, Googleplay and Barnes & Noble

Some Rocken news! Right now and for a short time you can get your very own digital/ ebook copy of Awakening , book 1 and Possession, Book 2 of the Dark Rituals for FREE!! Go grab your copy now! And tell your friends!! Pass it on!!

Googleplay –

Amazon –

Barnes and Noble

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There will be a Dark Rituals Book 5!

Dear Evil Minions, 
As you may know, I've been in a writing funk every since this summer.
 When I got done with the edits of book 4 and stopped writing Colina's story 
I went into a bit of a writing depression. I've been working on different
 projects on and off since this summer, but I haven't made any real progress. 
I've been in a  deep writing funk. Desperate to get out of the writing funk 
which has gone on for like 8 months, I've done something rash, 
something crazy, something I swore I wasn't going to do... 
I've started writing another Colina story.  

I don't know if it's going to be a short story or a long story. 
I do know that I'm excited and actually furiously writing for the 
first time since this summer.  So if you have missed Colina and the Scooby gang...
hold onto your will get to read another story about them ....
hopefully within the next six months. 
Over and officially out of my mind...Cat
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Love Notes Generator at to create your own love note! February 14th Wattpad will be doing their very first livestream from Wattpad HQ on Facebook and Instagram where 3 Toronto-based artists will interpret everyone’s love notes into a one-of-a-kind art installation! Do you want to be part of this cool event? Jump over now and create your very own Love Note! Make sure to tag it #WattpadLoveNotes

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The Dark Rituals–Book 1 & 2 0n sale.

Just checked and Awakening and Possession are $1.99 on googleplay, nook and Amazon. The books don’t go on sale often, so if you were thinking of getting a copy–grab them now while they are cheap. The books are 300 pages long so it’s a nice big read for less than a latte. 😉

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Read AWAKENING – Book 1 for FREE now on WATTPAD

Read AWAKENING – Book 1 for FREE now on WATTPAD #Spookyread #Halloween #YA #Paranormal #Horror #Freeread #Wattpad


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